Charge Amps

We develop leading edge charging technology for EVs and PHEVs with Swedish Design and Quality.

There was a time when an electric car could be plugged into just about any electrical outlet. Forward planning, knowledge and a bit of ingenuity was needed to charge the EV. Now, new types of EVs and a new charging standard brings more sophistication and more stability and safety features to the charging process in the form of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) control, allowing successful charging for everyone. Simply put, EVSE is a technical unit to help keep you and your EV safe while charging!

Charge Amps is built on one talented mans frustration with the poor charging solution that came with the Electric Vehicle he had so longed for.

Within days of receiving his EV early 2012, Mr Fredrik Jonsson founded Charge Amps in order to offer smarter and smaller electric vehicle supply equipment to the ones, who just like him, wanted to shorten the charging time, carry around less weight and enjoy a more flexible charging with more features. What merely started out as a hobby project, soon was a sought after charging solution in countries all over the world.